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Sheryle S Woodruff, MS

CMA Co-Founder
Senior Mediator, Trainer, Conflict Coach

Sheryle Woodruff received a Masters Degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution in 1998 and has been a certified mediator, trainer and conflict coach ever since.  She co-founded Conflict Management Associates, Inc. in 1997 for the purpose of helping organizations turn conflict into an opportunity for growth.  She specializes in workplace mediation including EEO and discrimination complaints with an emphasis on early intervention and long term win-win resolutions. 

Sheryle Woodruff has mediated and consulted for many prominent companies around the country, including union and government environments such as:  Lockheed Martin, United States Postal Service, United States Army and Navy, City of Winter Park, U.S. Department of Agriculture, ITEC, Charles Schwab and Orlando Utilities Commission.  She has helped hundreds of organizations avoid costly lawsuits, improve employee morale and work environment as well as decrease costs related to unresolved conflict.


Sheryle Woodruff is a published author and recognized expert in the field of conflict resolution.  Her articles include “Assessing Employee Conflicts” for the American Society for Training and Development, “Preventative Mediation in the Workplace”  for the Association for Conflict Resolution, "How HR can encourage a respectful workplace" and "Can't we all just get along" for Society of HR Managers. She co-wrote the book "Advanced Mediation Skills for High School Peer Mediators" published through Peace Education and "Why We Do What We Do", a workbook series for at-risk youth in alternative suspension programs.


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Sergio Delgado, MS

CMA Associate

Senior Mediator, Trainer, Arbitrator

Sergio has a Master’s Degree in Industrial Relations and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.  Since retiring from Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) in 2014, he has been working as a Consultant, Labor Arbitrator, Mediator, Trainer and Dispute Resolution Specialist. He has worked on disputes in the public, private and federal sectors of the economy servicing customers such as The Kennedy Space Center, Panama, and Walt Disney World.


Sergio A. Delgado worked at FMCS for thirty years.  He was a Federal Mediator and later the Director of Mediation and Supervisor for the Southern Region.  During that time, he was involved in many complex labor negotiations and mediations.  Sergio has delivered hundreds of speeches and presentations to a diverse group of participants on a variety of labor management and ADR topics and is passionate about the field of ADR.  



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In Memory of CMA Co-Founder

Candy L. Fish, Phd


Candy L. Fish, co-founded CMA with Sheryle S. Woodruff in 1997 while they were both completing their Masters’ degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution at Nova Southeastern University.  Together they wrote and published Advanced Peer Mediation Skills for High School Students still sold today through Peace Education.  Candy had an extensive career at NSU and went on to earn a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Nova Southeastern University in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. In addition to being a scholar in the field of ADR, she was a kind, generous person and a great friend.

Candy lost her fight with Leukemia in 2017 and will be sorely missed. 

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